Top 8 Chrome Extensions To Up Your Social Media Game

Top 8 Chrome Extensions To Up Your Social Media Game

Your web browser may be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to getting things done. Unfortunately, it usually succeeds in being both at the same time. Your days are undoubtedly crammed to the brim, whether you’re a social media marketer or a small company owner responsible for your updates. Working smarter rather than harder is critical to your productivity and every social media manager has a collection of go-to tools for making their work simpler. However, when a device is combined with a Chrome extension, it offers a time-saving feature that we all need.

Let’s have a quick read on these best chrome extensions. 


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Many social media marketers are naturally creative, but many struggle with organisational skills and priorities. Todoist helps being organised as easy as launching the extension, clicking “Add Task,” and entering. You may create reminders, priority levels, categories, and a lot more from there. 

In addition, this fantastic workload management application sends you email reminders and displays overdue jobs as black numbers on the extension button.

It’s terrific to be a creative genius, but you can’t allow your artistic abilities to entirely eclipse the managerial tasks that keep a company going. With Todoist, you’ll be as painstakingly prepared as you are a free-thinker.



Toggl continues Todoist’s task management by allowing you to measure how much time you spend on each activity. In addition, the Toggl Button plugin makes remembering to track your time 10x simpler if you already do a lot of your work on the web.


Toggl can be viewed from your extensions drawer by clicking the mini-version of the icon. You’ll see your most recent time entries and be able to start and stop the timer. However, the real magic is that a Toggl Button for starting and stopping the timer will appear automatically in various online apps, including Todoist!



If you make a mistake on social media, the consequences might be severe.

The ‘seizure salad’ and the ‘undateable human bean’ would not have existed in the social sphere if everyone had Grammarly installed on their browsers. Misspelling words or other language errors may make you appear uninformed and reduce your trustworthiness. If you publish on behalf of a company, a minor error can impact how people perceive that brand.


Grammarly ensures that your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are flawless. It is a must-have tool for social media marketers, who are always in danger of making minor mistakes. Maintain the reputation of your brand by using Grammarly.



Rite Tag is a must-have tool for any social media manager. The application provides tag ideas for photos, text, or videos on any website and social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. All that is required is a right-click on the image or text!


RiteTag has its colour system in place to represent the power of the hashtag. Using a red hashtag, for example, puts your postings in danger of being lost in the mob, whereas green provides you with the best chance of being noticed right now.



Social media is an excellent tool for digital marketing and audience growth but can quickly consume all of your spare time and energy. Buffer allows you to reclaim that time and mental energy. The software automates your social posting, allowing you to schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms ahead of time and have them posted at the ideal times for maximum interaction.



This addon performs various colour-related functions, including colour reading, gradient generation, and colourful history. It may also assist graphic and web designers in analysing a page and inspecting a colour palette. Colour management is made more accessible with ColorZilla’s built-in palette browser, which allows you to select colours from predefined colour sets and save the most often used colours in custom palettes.



Now and then, using a hilarious GIF is an excellent approach to keep your target audience interested and delighted. With GIFs being very situational and only needed when required, having an extension that can locate you a suitable GIF in seconds is simply incredible.


Keyword Surfer

With this handy add-on, users may assess the competitiveness, CPC, search volume, and alternative keywords. Keyword Surfer free users will notice two widgets on the right side of that display similar terms. Paid customers may get more designers, proofreaders, secretaries, data analysts to input keywords straight from Excel. This extension transitioned from free to pay-as-you-go, costing one dollar per keyword and beginning at $10 for 100,000 credits.


Chrome extensions may be time savers, advisors, and even tutors in some cases. Almost all of these are free and don’t require expertise or special skills. Their skills can quickly develop into designers, proofreaders, secretaries, data analysts, and many more.


This blog is your cue to discover and implement these chrome extensions to upgrade your social media game. Visit us at Bunjy.Co for any tips and strategies related to social media marketing.