Key Digital Marketing Strategies For IT Companies

Key Digital Marketing Strategies For IT Companies

In the face of rising demand for engagement on digital channels, B2B technology businesses struggle to target the relevant stakeholders on the proper media to grow their sales funnels. 

Whether you’ve had a streak of successful programmes or you’re sailing the ship on an exciting future tech firm, adopting the appropriate digital marketing strategy for your company will be essential in the forthcoming years. We’ll look at some of the most effective method for IT businesses to achieve precisely that. 

Here are 5 primary marketing methods that enterprise IT businesses may employ to revolutionise their marketing.

Key Digital Marketing Strategies For IT Companies

Inventive Video Content

Technology businesses are increasingly using video material as a marketing strategy to demonstrate their products. While not everyone has the time to read through a product or business datasheet, virtually everyone has the time to view a two or three-minute video on a solution that may be of interest to them. 

When creating video material to sell your product or service, keep the following points in mind:


Exceptional  Stories

While your technology is most likely complicated, powerful, and overall fantastic, you should focus on presenting a captivating storey when utilising video to promote your solution. For example, walk the audience through how your product assisted a specific client from “A to Z,” how your firm began, or how a team built a particular feature. Hook people with a nice, simple anecdote initially, then detail later on sales calls.

Videos for Entertainment

If you’re in the B2B corporate industry, your videos don’t have to be dry and technical. You should strive to develop material that is both interesting and enjoyable. You can be distinguished by creating exciting, humorous, or entertaining films. Using infographics as a marketing tool is also a viable approach. 

Key Digital Marketing Strategies For IT Companies

Tutorials and Guides 

Content creation to assist people in solving difficulties is a formidable weapon that software businesses should use for their customers. If your product is sophisticated or addresses a particular problem, “how-to” videos and best practise guidelines are essential. Companies want to invest in innovative software products to stay ahead of the curve. Promoting your business to solve their problems will increase your customer base.

Creating tutorials and guides is not only is valuable material good for exposure and awareness, but it’s also an excellent approach to capture leads’ email addresses. Email marketing is an ideal approach to engage with your consumers on a more personal level.

Key Digital Marketing Strategies For IT Companies

Paid Advertising 

Paid advertising is robust, quantitative, and predictable, with a proven return when managed appropriately. As a result, Google Ads are an excellent location to begin your first campaigns. The traditional text advertising that appears at the top of pretty much every search you’ve ever made can also be accessed to offer more complex retargeting methods. These capabilities enable you to connect to users who have already visited sites related to your market or searched for your exact keywords. Read more on how to begin your keyword research here. 

Key Digital Marketing Strategies For IT Companies

The Utilisation of Social Media Sites

It is critical to select the appropriate social platforms. Here are the world’s largest social networks, along with what they’re excellent for:


If your software is geared at the B2B market, LinkedIn is a must-have. LinkedIn users are seeking business solutions. According to LinkedIn research from 2017, 80 per cent of Lead generation inquiries from social media originate through the LinkedIn network.

Twitter and Facebook

These channels are excellent for connecting with your primary audience and marketing your content. They both have sophisticated paid branding solutions that let developers build a following.


Considering YouTube has overtaken Google as the second most popular search engine, it is the most incredible location to put video lessons for your products, webinars, and entertainment material. Video demos and pre-roll media advertising will provide consumers with information about your solution while dynamically generating traffic to the website.

You can also read more on How To Use Pinterest For Your Brand here.


Influencer Marketing 

Key Digital Marketing Strategies For IT Companies

When seeking new technologies to buy and install, corporate leaders and decision-makers frequently consult with experts in their field. Influencers are increasingly working with technology businesses to improve their reputation and social media reach. Nonetheless, in today’s environment, it is difficult for companies to be noticed or understood amid the constant cacophony of others attempting to sell their product or service in today’s environment.


As a result, people are increasingly relying on others they trust or respect to express their thoughts with an integrated service, platform, product, or service before using it in their organisations. This is a fantastic opportunity for firms to market to corporate decision-makers by harnessing influencers who have built a dedicated fan base and reputation.


That concludes our five! This list of excellent digital marketing methods for software companies should spark some ideas for you. Today, software firms of all sizes need to focus more on digital activities to establish themselves. Knowing what alternatives you have is half the fight; the other half is pursuing the suggestions on this list. 

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