5 Virtual Meeting Tools for Remote Working

Covid19 has certainly forced the pace of change around remote working and workers are quickly adapting schedules, home offices and habits so that working from home (WFH) is both manageable and productive. Years ago, remote working was considered as a position at below minimum wage, but with the trends changing, it is becoming a full-time career. Remote working or working from home can bring up some challenges, however, it also opens up the possibility of creating positive changes and increased collaboration amongst teams.

Technology is making us capable of getting the job done wherever we are within the world. People all over the world are trying to adapt to this technology. Businesses are trying to keep pace with the changing need of their employees and to adapt to talent from parts of the globe. Nowadays trends are growing rapidly in remote working.

Below are some of the main reason for the growing trends in remote working,

  • You can set up your own working schedule
  • The comfort of being at home
  • Chance to travel more
  • Less stress
  • Better time management for personal life
  • More satisfying

But as the benefits of remote working grow higher, there are quite possible disadvantages too – like State of mind, increasing Disturbance or Distraction factor, and most importantly organising team meeting with a 100% presence. Many companies are having a hard time conducting team meetings, and the reasons behind this are very familiar – No proper tool, Difficult user interface.

While it is a fact that a face-face meeting offers intrinsic benefits. In our world offering us the latest of technology, one doesn’t need to travel hours to attend the meeting, especially like the present scenario of quarantine. You can simply attend a meeting in the comfort of your home via laptop or smartphone.

In this blog, we are going to list 5 best virtual meeting apps and why. So the next time you have a meeting with your colleagues or even friends and family, consider a virtual meeting with one of the following.

They are

  1. ezTalks
  2. Zoom
  3. Google hangouts
  4. GoTo meeting
  5. Join.me


ezTalks Cloud Meeting is known as one of the best virtual meeting tools widely used by small and medium-sized businesses. It allows you to work smoothly via your desktop or mobile devices irrespective of your current location and offers crystal clear sound and high-definition videos to organise flawless meetings.

The whiteboard sharing, screen sharing, private or group chat, meeting scheduling and unlimited numbers of the meetings are considered as key features of ezTalks. It can also help you to record your meeting and then playback later depending on your requirement. It offers both free and paid service. With the free service, you’ll get some basic features. If you would like to use some improved features, then consider a paid service. For the paid service, you only need to pay $12 per month.


Zoom is a web and online video conferencing service that gives users to hold up to 50 HD video streams at a time. Zoom’s engineers have many years of combined experience creating and improvising real-time collaboration software. More than 200,000 businesses, including the top corporates across the globe, use it. It offers video, audio and screen sharing, as well as group messaging, on all kinds of devices. Meetings have a time limit for the free version, but the system can be upgraded for $14.99 per month.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is yet another tool for virtual meetings, specifically designed by Google to enable you to initiate and participate within the meetings through different channels that include voice chats, text, also Google video conferencing calls.

It is mobile-friendly and can be integrated into Google+ and Gmail. Though it is used extensively by non-commercial users, still considered an effective tool for virtual meetings.

Some of the key features of the Google Hangouts are the recording of the meetings, video calls, intelligent muting, screen sharing, instant messaging, group conferencing, compatibility with multiple devices, and integration with other Google application. And the best part? It is very affordable at just $5 per month.

GoTo Meeting

GoToMeeting is one of the flexible, professional and reliable platforms utilised by 3 million users per month. The company claims it hosts 56 million online meetings annually.

Some attractions of this tool are live 24/7 support, and therefore the amount of online meetings an enterprise can hold monthly is unlimited. Privacy is protected with strong passwords and end-to-end encryption. Pricing for GoToMeeting ranges from $24 to $49 per month.


Join.me is a versatile, easy-to-use program that is often packed onto desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Join.me allows up to 10 individuals to look at your screen at a time, fostering collaboration for idea generation, sales demos and presentations. This online tool ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction for simple use, speed, and reliability during the 2014 survey, and facilitated 30 million meetings last year.

The affordable program has three levels. The free version features instant screen sharing and video conferencing with VoIP; Pro version adds online meetings with unlimited audio conferencing and costs less than $20 per month with an annual contract; while Enterprise version offers advanced management capabilities and costs less than $25 monthly with an annual contract.

Even with not too many options out there, all of these free web conferencing apps with screen sharing included in our list should fill in any gaps your team’s conferences may have.

Each option has its benefits, and limitations and which tool fits your needs best will come down to how your team plans to use the solution, and what features would be best to have.

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