8 ways to boost website traffic through social media

Many people hit roadblocks when trying to drive traffic to their website, discouraging them from creating a successful one. That’s when they tend to give up. Building a website may seem like an easy task, but it requires much consideration, particularly if you are trying to boost traffic and raise awareness for your brand. Here are 8 rules to follow that will help you increase website traffic.


Fill in your profile

Your profile is the first thing people see when they click on your social media page. So make sure to use content that grabs people’s attention. If your users are interested in your content, it increases your brand interest. Not only will this give your readers a chance to understand what your brand stands for, but you will also generate new visitors.


Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to increase website traffic, provided you know which techniques will work. Leveraging social media is a great way to build brand recognition, create a loyal base and bring in many customers. Choosing what type of platform suits your business the best is the tricky part of using social media. There are many other platforms apart from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and you should not shy away from them. Niche platforms like Tumblr, Reddit and Snapchat open doors to untapped audiences and engagement. When it is challenging to navigate which platform you should choose for your business, just follow your customers.


Upload blogs

Writing a blog for your website might seem like unnecessary work, but blogging is an easy way to increase website traffic. When you blog, you appear as an expert by presenting content that makes readers want to know more. You build trust when you answer questions users are searching for, or provide information about your service. When you build trust, you attract more customers.


Invite people to guest blog as well as guest blog for other sites

You don’t need to write every blog yourself. You can invite other field experts to share their knowledge and advice in guest posts. These guests typically link blogs to their websites while writing guest posts – this will help you increase website traffic. Similarly, you can write blogs on other people’s websites, which will let people know that you are an expert in a particular field and get your business’s name out there.


Incorporate videos in your content

Video content is beneficial when it comes to increasing website traffic. If you notice, video content is everywhere nowadays because videos convey the scope more efficiently than any other source. You can’t share your tone and body language with words, but you can with a video. Videos help let your audience get to know your services and products without incorrectly interpreting them.


Interlink wherever possible

Interlinking is a spectacular way to boost your SEO. Interlinking your blogs with other blogs and pages will let your audience get the information they want quicker, and increase the time spent on your site. Blogs are a great place to interlink because it gives your audience the chance to get to know your brand better, get their questions answered and enhance their knowledge of different areas.


Target Long-Tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are long specific phrases consisting of 3-4 words that visitors use when they want information on something specific. Using them will help you increase website traffic. That said, keywords you use must be relevant and specific to your business. However, making them too straightforward can cause you trouble. Instead, try to use keywords that have high search volume in your blogs and website content. This helps increase website traffic and get your website to rank higher on the SERPs. It’s essential to provide high-quality content and stay on trend within your industry.

Post when your audience is active

Posting when your target audience is active is beneficial for increasing website traffic. When you post at the time of highest engagement, it allows the audience to see your content. Analysing your followers will let you know your brand’s peak hour, and this will provide you with a posting schedule around their daily routine. Building your promotion strategy after analysing your followers will increase website traffic.

At Bungy Digital, we can show you how to boost your website’s traffic through social media, from filling in your profile the right way to targeting long-tail keywords. Make sure to get in touch with us for more information.