Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing for Exporting Business

Digital Marketing for an Export Business is a pivotal form of marketing especially because your target audience is in different geographical locations and the easiest and most effective way to reach them is through Digital Marketing.

Before deep diving into how Digital Marketing can help your Export business, it is important to understand your target audience. Tailoring your marketing strategy based on these aspects can exponentially affect your reputation with your target audience over a generic marketing strategy.

Using small nuances like a colloquial term, or a language centric phrase (remember how much we loved it when an international brand like Pepsi had desi catchphrases) can connect with your target audience much better.

Other factors include Market Researchespecially where exactly is your target audience and how specific is their need and if the market is a business centric or customer centric and so on. It is important you sell your product or service where there is need for the said product or service. Having a positive reputation can be a tremendous asset beyond just attracting customers, it can also give you access to other free and low-cost resources like the Small Business Associations.

First and foremost, it is very important to have your brand’s website.


In order to reach a target audience that is in a different physical location, you need to have your information accessible to them. So, Web presence is crucial. “To be present on the web is a key point for any business,” claims a now well-established import/export business owner. His brands’ website has helped him sign on many clients who found his company through a web search.

Another important aspect of having a website is to ensure it accessible to the country of your target. In case of a non-English speaking country, ensure that you have multi lingual support for your website, by offering country specific versions of the website.


The next step to any Digital marketing strategy is of course Keyword Research, and in Export Business it is further important to understand international Markets. It is very important to gauge the international market, how much interest your brand garners and how much purchase intent verses information gathering. All this is can be done by Search Engine analyser tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner.

Although it requires you to have a card in the account, signing up to Google Ads Account is free and does not require any spend to access the most important feature, the Keywords Planner.

A Side note for Non-English Markets, we suggest you to use using professional translation services to get a basic translation of your keywords or at least use online translation tools and help you rank for them.

Digital marketing tools will help your targeted audience to find easy while surfing through the internet


If there’s a decent search volume, you can move to the next step of sharing these results with your local Commercial centres to get a country assessment or utilize search advertising professionals (like us) to run a small test campaigns and reach new prospects. These test campaigns will give you a better idea on what kind of success you might have in a country and will help you define your SEO strategy, thus optimizing your site for Organic Search Visitors.

At the heart of any online marketing, especially an import/export business is a good SEO. Investing in a good SEO will help you find new clients faster as your website is a lot more visible online. But what makes a good SEO campaign? The answer is simple as well as it is complex.

The most basic thing you need to consider for a good SEO Campaign is well-chosen keywords and quality content based on it. These two things are the pillars of any SEO campaign. Adding to this are special backlinks, advertising your content even better and directing readers to other articles from your website with internal linking.

While there are plenty of strategies to use to develop a high-quality and efficient SEO campaign but understand that no matter how much effort you put into your campaign, you must give it time. It takes at least a few weeks or months before you see some results. A good SEO campaign is a long time strategy and usually your website traffic will increase in some weeks or even months.


Your job of developing an online presence is not done with just designing a Website and executing a SEO campaign. You need to stay active online! Maybe join forums specifically for importers and exporters from around the world. These forums will ensure increase your interaction with your peers and help you stay relevant in the industry and help you keep a pulse on the about the import-export trading. Ensure that you mention your brand’s website, logo and slogan in your signature to direct people to your site and increase branding.


Your brand awareness can be improved by connecting with your peers and developing relationships with your partners. This can also help your brand build a reputation and keep you informed in the industry.

You should see your peers in the Import/Export business as potential partners and not as competition. Especially as you may not always work directly with your buyers and have to work with other exporters to complete the import-export process. So, build strong relationships within your niche, this will not only bring you more popularity but also new opportunities to explore.

Create a database to send newsletters to with your newest offers. If you are launching a new product, the response your peers have to it can help you gauge the market. All these actions will help you promote your business and take better decisions according to what other potential partners have to say.


We hope you found our blog on digital marketing for an export business helpful and informative. Looking for a partner to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy? Reach out to one of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai today! We at are always here to help.