5 Creative Video Fundamentals that can actually Wow your Audience

Video Marketing has taken centre stage in 2021 for capturing audience interests for multiple reasons. First, video is rapidly becoming the “de facto” content of Digital Marketing. Second, it is also scientifically validated that a human brain perceives visuals more than text or audio. So, it is no exaggeration that 2021 has been the year of Video Marketing. 

According to Cisco’s custom research report, videos will continue to lead 82% of internet traffic by 2022, which is around the corner.

There is nothing as engaging as a highly compelling video; this means there are many opportunities for video designers, influencers, SEO professionals and entrepreneurs to get creative in producing video content.

However, few videos lack intent, narrative or seem like frivolous projects. In other terms, some videos may end up successful, and some don’t. And as a marketer or an online influencer, you need to ensure your social videos work for you rather than the opposite. So, just as creating a video is essential on social media, it is equivalently imperative to be aware of what you are incorporating in your video content to reach your audience better.

So, this blog comprises seven creative video fundamentals that everyone who is into creating videos should know – to wow your followers, build brand trust, and attract more traffic to your website. 

Be Authentic

For starters, your video content should exhibit authenticity and needs to be authoritative to convey your enthusiasm for the subject matter. For the audience to engage more, you must create an impression by making them feel how passionate you were about making that video and how credible and authentic your message is. These elements will support your vision behind making the video. But if you fancy being more authentic, you need to shift your perspective from selling a product or service to selling “Value” through your video. 

And what is selling “Value”?

Value could be of anything – your audience defines it; whatever legitimately matters to them is considered value, and when your video provides value, it capitalizes more engagement and trust.

Visually Interactive

Creating video is a two-way road – it is not purely a broadcast medium where only you can get your message delivered but an interactive platform. It is just another way of allowing the audience to interact, participate and cast your video with personalized feedback. To create interactive video content, first, perceive your audience and consider how they can be involved in your content. For example, suppose your audience observes that they are being heard and your future content is shaped according to their earlier feedback and comments; it naturally appears that you endorse diverse ideas and you respect them. This will lead them to appreciate you and are certain to return to your content to propound more suggestions in the future.

Make It Discoverable

What purpose would your video serve if the audience were unable to find it? After all, the concept of making a video is to deliver your message and get the audience to watch it as long as possible! So it goes beyond having the fitting title, topic, content and other allied primary marketing tools. Also, bear in mind that people only seek and watch easily discoverable videos.

So how will you make people find your videos without breaking a sweat?

To make your video discoverable, Search Engine Optimization is an ideal approach. For instance, YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally. Therefore, the better your videos are optimized, the better users can find and watch them.

You can also pursue these key principles to boost your video’s popularity.

Collaborate – Crucial to Succeed

Collaborating with other video creators is the most efficacious way to open your channel to a new established organic audience, especially building a good rapport with top social media influencers. The ultimate goal of collaborating is to convince another person’s audience to watch your content. For instance, a YouTube Ad appears when users watch their favourite video, it piques curiosity to know more about the Ad. In other cases, paid collaborations work just the way the former brings in more audience. In contrast, this time, the one you collaborated with contributes by providing insights about your channel to drive more engagements towards your videos.


However, collaboration is a win-win deal. A mutual decision that proves beneficial for both sides – you are likely to exchange ideas, feedback and build relationships as you advance during the means. Also, in the process, you will learn that connecting with other creators serves more beneficial to your channel than you ever imagined. Finally, remember that it is highly valued to maximize the potential of every collaborating opportunity, although the short-term interests seem nebulous.

Showcase Consistency

Consistency is always the key to success – irrespective of anything we endeavour in life, and this applies when you make a video as well. 

But, what does it mean to be consistent when you post a video?

Being regular is a part of being consistent, but it isn’t the totality. You must also exhibit consistency in your videos notion and provide value. The aspects that are bound to tie your together is timing, branding and how you present the video with sufficient elements packed into it. Also, it doesn’t just revolve around the where and when; but also the what and why. For example, your audience must know why you upload videos every day at a specific time, which should prompt them to watch them.

Now, let us give you further proactive insights on how to foster consistency when making videos.

Applying these five creative fundamentals in your video content can increase the chances of your video getting discovered, interacted, engaged with and promoted by a large audience.

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