How To Promote Events on Facebook

Events are a core part of marketing for businesses across industries, and Facebook has the potential to be your most effective tool when it comes to promoting an event. Facebook is a digital marketing powerhouse. It’s 2.4 billion monthly active users are looking not only for content from their family and friends, but also for the relevant things to do. It seems only natural, then, to leverage this platform for better event attendance and success.

But it’s not as simple as creating an event on Facebook and sitting back and waiting for the audience to come to the event. With more than 45 million Facebook Events created just last year, you have to work to promote your event on Facebook in a way that makes yours stand out and get noticed.

Done right, getting your audience to meet you or tour your space will bring you much closer to converting them into loyal customers or clients, but it does require some work. Using these six steps, you can promote your event on Facebook and increase attendance effectively. And they are…

  • Promote Event on your Facebook page
  • Share your Facebook event
  • Highlight your event calendar
  • Extend Promotion by adding your event to other Facebook pages
  • Take Advantage of Facebook Advertising
  • Use Event hashtags on Instagram and Twitter

Promote Event on your Facebook page

The first thing you ought to do is optimize your Page to showcase your events. Make sure your “Events” tab is one of the primary tabs on your Page’s Timeline on desktop. This makes it easy for people to look into your calendar and see a full list of your events. You can change the order using the “Manage Tabs” option within the “More” drop-down menu. (If the “Event” tab isn’t visible, you’ll have to create an upcoming event before managing the tab order.)

On desktop, you can also reorder the sections in the left-hand column, so that “Events” appears at the top. (You can manage the order by clicking the pencil icon that appears when you hover over the unit.)

Be sure to have a look on “Publish New Events to Timeline” within your “Event” tab, so people could get noticed whenever you create a new event.

Share your Facebook event

Need an easy but impactful way to promote your event on Facebook? Try sharing your event on your Page to reach out your followers. To share your event, click the drop-down under “Invite” and click, “Share to Page.”

It’s also worth seeing if your registration partner or event partner will allow your Event to become a Facebook Official Event. In that case, your event could reach for a better search and News Feed recommendations for even more visibility.

Highlight your event calendar

To promote all of your events on Facebook directly, showcase a calendar of your upcoming activities. The link to event calendar is your Facebook page URL ends with “/events.” For instance:

To share your calendar, you have to publish a post with a link to your event calendar. You can do that by visiting your “Events” tab, then clicking, “Share Events.” This post will automatically include a preview of your latest events. You can also send this link out on other channels, like a fan club or email list.

Extend Promotion by adding your event to other Facebook pages

There are often many of us involved in organizing the event and promoting it. Rather than creating duplicate Facebook events, you’ll add your event to calendars on other organization’s or individual’s official Pages. To do it, click “More” dropdown on your event next to “Invite.” And, select “Add to Page.”

This is a great strategy if you have well-known sponsors or person involved with your event. Once your event is added to their calendars, their audiences may also discover it and express their interest. This exemplifies the reach, promoting your event on Facebook is often a combined effort.

Take Advantage of Facebook Advertising

Facebook Event Ads can be an event creators’ secret weapon. One of the salient features, besides the very fact that everybody is on Facebook all the time, is that the ads work so well, and you’re can target your campaigns down to the smallest level of specializing.

You can segment it as who receives your ad by location, age, gender, likes and interests, connections, relationships, language, education, workplace, and more. One of the more advanced features Facebook offers is the ability to make a unique and singular audience segment for your ad campaigns using your customer contacts (email addresses), website traffic, or mobile app. These are known as Custom Audiences.

Use Event hashtags on Instagram and Twitter

Cross-promoting your event on other platforms is again a great move; some brands’ audiences are usually more active on Twitter or Instagram rather than Facebook. Also focus on hashtags, they are key when we are focussing on Instagram and Twitter.

A lot of people underestimate how effective hashtags are, when you want to increase attendance, especially for local events.

Whatever hashtags you use, ensure that you direct users straight to your Facebook event page for more information. If you can’t link it outright, guide them to the page and how to get there.

Finally, to conclude – Facebook events have the potential to increase your event audience significantly, making it a huge success. They’ll only fulfill that potential, however, if you use several marketing strategies to sufficiently promote it.

There is so much you can do when you harness the power of digital marketing. The internet has given us the potential to boost and upgrade our marketing techniques like never before.

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