Setup Your First Online Store with Instamojo

Instamojo is a digital payments platform bundled with tons of e-commerce features to enable any business or individual to sell, manage and grow online securely, effortlessly and cost-effectively.

The platform is built upon the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts, credit cards or other digital payment instruments to create a pervasive & persistent real-time payment solution, ideally suited for Indian SMB’s, online merchants, individuals and others currently underserved by traditional payment mechanisms.

With Instamojo you can acquire your online store without any extra cost.

Three benefits of Instamojo are:

  • It’s free of cost by default
  • You can market instantly and sell the products
  • Simple and secured payment gateway

Setting Up Your Account

You can set up your online store in less than 30 minutes and we will walk you through each step of the process. Firstly signup at the moment you visit Instamojo. Once you are done creating your account, go to the dashboard.

Once visited, click Product and Store option on the left-hand side, and click on manage online store – you will be redirected to the online store page, the URL will be your username, you will see a few options in it.

Add a product – Click here you will be redirected to another page

Add ons – You will see two options in it. They are, ‘get custom domain’ and ‘enable live chat’

Editing online store – Once you created your account, you can add from here, a few of the important things to be done to get your customers to notice who you are. They are:

  • A profile picture for your business
  • Store details
  • Brand logo
  • Contact details
  • Social media links
  • And you can also enable ‘Add a shopping cart’ to get done with the complete setup of store.

Now you are good to add the product to your store!

After you opened your store in Instamojo, your next step will be adding the products in it. Click on ‘Add Products’ page. From this page, you can choose what kind of product you want to add to your store. It can be of a physical product, digital product, events and others.

Customise your online store

You can customise the products in the online store, choose the product and you can edit the product title, description, category, and product tags to reach more audience and the important customization is the product pictures. Your product image matters the most. Make sure to upload good, clear pictures of the product. The first impression is the best, so keep the image in Hi-Res to make your product attractive. Finally fix the price for your product and include the tax and invoice to avail the benefits of GST.

The Payment option in Instamojo allows the people to pay in multiple ways in which the buyer is comfortable with.

And there you go. With one click on the URL, people will get access from viewing your products to buying products without any redirecting to any of the other sites.

Bonus points

Instamojo has dedicated SEO customisation, where you can allow to choose SEO title, description, keywords which allows the business to rank better on Google.

And don’t stop with just an online store. Showcase your online store on social media channels to get more customer clicks and direct them to your store.

Don’t be in a hurry!… We have curated the pros and cons of Instamojo in crisp points down below:


  • Flexible pricing structure with zero setup fees
  • No minimum commitment, so you need not worry about the volume you drive per month
  • Easy to Use
  • It allows you to create a direct payment link
  • Digital Documentation
  • Extraordinary transaction succession rate


  • High margin rate for products
  • No option to review the product
  • Google cannot search product listed on Instamojo

The decision to choose Instamojo is completely based on what business you are in and your requirement.

Now we will look into some examples of the people and their business, how Instamojo changed their business.

Vagabond Experiences

Vagabond Experiences were founded in 2014. It is a travel company that curates offbeat trips and camps across India. The biggest challenge the Vagabond had were:

  • Accepting payments from their customers
  • Payment delay which in turns affects the company’s working capital

Problem Resolved:

Instamojo’s versatile payments platform helps Vagabond accept payments via debit cards, credit cards, UPI and Net banking. Instamojo is their preferred payments partner due to inter-operability and convenience that it offers.

Legalwiz is an online platform that makes the procurement of business professional services more simple, affordable and transparent. The biggest challenges Legalwiz has are:

  • Communicating with customers
  • Order fulfilment
  • Cumulate and analysis data

Problem Resolved

Instamojo made payment collecting fast and easy with shareable payment links and with powerful analytics it is simple to keep track of cash flow.

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