Top 7 Digital Trends That Will Rule 2022

Top 7 Digital Trends That Will Rule 2022

Your job is never monotonous as a marketer, as you must constantly reassess and modify your strategies. Trends shift, as should your job. However, it’s difficult to distinguish between the long-term evolution of existing marketing techniques and actual trends that will transform the digital marketing environment in a few years.

Machine Learning, Data-driven marketing, and Voice Search Engine Optimisation (VSEO) have been popular for quite some time. But today, these are among the most effective digital marketing trends right now.

Let’s go over these 7 digital trends that will rule the coming year.

Top 7 Digital Trends That Will Rule 2022

AI-Assisted Optimisation

Top 7 Digital Trends That Will Rule 2022

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing is the technology underpinning various services, such as content production, chatbots, and search engines, and its use has increased significantly since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic.

AI can also monitor consumer behaviour and search trends and leverage data from social media sites like Instagram and blog posts to assist businesses in understanding how customers discover their products and services.

Video Marketing

Top 7 Digital Trends That Will Rule 2022

The “mobile-first” trend has been going on for a few years. And today, with 5G and improved mobile network plans, video streaming on mobile phones and tablets is simpler than ever.

That is how TikTok and now Reels by Instagram are becoming so popular in the first place. You can record your videos anywhere and view them whenever you want. Something that was significantly more expensive when mobile network plans were tied to megabytes of Web rather than gigabytes.

Without question, video marketing will be among the most effective digital marketing trends in 2022. Considering video marketing will be an indispensable marketing strategy as people now enjoy watching videos. Take a look at 5 creative video fundamentals that can wow your audience.

Programmatic Advertising 

Top 7 Digital Trends That Will Rule 2022

The technique of employing AI to automate ad purchasing is known as programmatic advertising. By eliminating people from the ad-buying process, businesses gain a more dependable and cost-effective answer to their demands.

Real-time bidding (also known as RTB) is a prominent use of programmatic ad purchasing that you should consider using. RTB employs real-time auctions to acquire guaranteed advertisements from specified publisher sites in advance.

Zero-Click Searches 

Top 7 Digital Trends That Will Rule 2022


We all prefer to optimise for Google, but as you may have seen, search queries increasingly include highlighted snippets. That might be an issue for some digital marketers since they constantly want to rank #1 with their content, which implies Google will most likely utilise a portion of the material and post it straight in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). If that section of the content is critical to the user, they will most likely just read the vital information and never return to your site.

You may want to rethink your content and emphasise topics that require additional explanation. Examine how various search phrases appear in Google and determine whether it is significant enough to be highlighted.

Metaverse and AR/VR

Top 7 Digital Trends That Will Rule 2022

Mark Zuckerberg revealed the evolution of Facebook into Meta in October 2021. The business announced that they are working on the “Metaverse,” a next-generation social media platform or possibly even the Internet.

Metaverses are permeating the internet as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) become more popular. However, you don’t have to wait for Metaverse to explore the possibilities of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Marketing. There are currently a plethora of applications that function in augmented reality and can be accessible through your cellphone’s camera.

VR and AR marketing will become an expanding digital marketing trend in 2022, as mobile devices get more powerful and VR sets are becoming more economical.

Omnichannel Marketing 

Top 7 Digital Trends That Will Rule 2022

Omnichannel marketing has been one of the year’s buzzwords. While the catchphrase may have become a touch tired, the method remains as viable and relevant as ever.

Omnichannel marketing is indeed the technique of marketing across many channels, such as social networks, applications, mail, and blog posts, to provide a smoother consumer experience and a cohesive brand message, culminating in more conversions and loyalty.

Green Marketing 

Top 7 Digital Trends That Will Rule 2022

Green Marketing, often known as “eco-marketing” or “environmental marketing,” is the activity of creating and promoting commodities associated with actual or perceived ecological sustainability.

Green marketing is merely one component of a larger push toward more sustainable production processes, which includes:

  • The utilisation of recycled and/or recyclable materials.
  • Utilisation of renewable materials.
  • Limiting the usage of packaging.
  • The creation of repairable items in order to reduce waste.

Green Marketing may provide your company with exposure to innovative, younger consumers as well as a strategic edge over other, comparable companies. It may also enhance brand loyalty and improve your company’s image.

Change is an unavoidable element of the job for everyone working in digital marketing. To obtain an advantage over your competition, you must always look forward and endeavour to accept new technology, techniques, and methods. Here are 5 reasons why digital marketing matters to your B2B business.

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