Travel Bloggers in INDIA

What would you choose if you have been given the chance of wishing for one thing that you would like to do the entire time of your life? Everyone has their own preferences, however, there would be quite a large number of people who would opt for travelling.

Yes! Travelling is considered one of the most sacred activities around the world. Many people live to travel and explore as many new places as possible. Because of their love to travel and experience different places, and the great extents they go to for travelling, some of these individuals make memoirs of their experiences. Sharing their experiences, tips and other travel tidbits lead them to become professional travel bloggers.

Travel is not just research and facts, but experience. You may have spent months trying to understand a particular place, its weather, its seasons, the festivals and the tourism it offers. But nothing prepares you for the real feel of the air, the locals, the experience of just being in another city. So what many resort to is to live vicariously through the experiences of others and learn how to do it better.

Here we have compiled a list of top travel bloggers in India (in no particular order of ranking) who have spent their life mostly in travelling and sharing their experience.



Professionally a Data Scientist, Karthik Murali is an ardent travel blogger. In his quest of travelling throughout the world, he has been to 11 countries so far including Belgium, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany and a much more.

He has shared his travelling experience in his personal blog as well, which is a good helping material for his followers to plan their own trips in the best manner possible. With great pictures of various places in his Instagram profile, it is easy to know how real and passionate of a traveller he is.


(My Travel Diary)

Parnashree Devi is a travel writer and photographer. Her infinite passion to share her travel stories led her to rush into the world of blogging. She shares her experiences in her blog ‘My Travel Diary”. She is one among the famous Travel Bloggers in India.

Being a Voyager, she has travelled to more than 300 destinations all across the globe on various Press Trips by some of the prestigious Tourism Boards and Luxury Properties. She has also been associated with leading Brands for social media campaigns and collaborations. She has been awarded for her popular blog by the distinguished, “The Culture Trip” and “Social Samosa.”



Shrinidhi Hande is an Associate Manager by profession but in his free time, he becomes an enthusiastic travel and lifestyle blogger and has based on Chennai. He first started blogging back in the year 2006 and has continued doing so till now.

It might quite be surprising to know but Shrinidhi has till now travelled 36 countries in total and wishes to travel more places with each passing day. His personal blog gives an insight into how you can travel around places in the best way possible.

Divya Jain


‘To Travel is to live’ the belief she lives by. Meet Divya Jain – a foodie, movie junkie, avid reader, and travel-lover! She has quit her stable job in the IT industry to pursue her passion for travelling the world and focusing on cooking and writing.

She not only weaves beautiful tales of travelling but also writes new recipes for the foodies out there. Along with her husband, she is always up when it comes to exploring new destinations or tasting new dishes. From snow-capped hills to the best adventurous trips, she has covered all of them beautifully on her Instagram page. Do check out her page and get inspired to live a little more.

Tushar Panchal


Being a 24-year-old Digital Account Manager at the Minimalist, Tushar Panchal is highly ardent about travelling and exploring destinations which are not just world-famous but isolated as well. His thirst of travelling built up when he used to travel to several places due to work.

And now, he is a dedicated traveller who makes sure that he witnesses the beauty of every existing place in the Earth which satiates his hunger for travelling.

Bruised Passports

(Instagram: Travel & Love – Savi & Vid)


Savi and Vid (Savi Munjal and Vidit Taneja), the travel influencer couple who go by Bruised Passports. The husband-wife duo followed their dream to explore different lands and made travelling their profession. Travelling for 13 years now, it was in 2015 that the couple decided to leave their day jobs in the UK and pursue their blog, as a full-time career.

Having visited over 80 countries till date, these digital entrepreneurs still drop pins across the map with gusto. With romantic travel at the heart of their stories, we can hear from the power couple on their experiences and top rules of travelling with your partner.


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